Whether it’s suspending botanicals in the latest new-age energy drink, stabilizing protein in fruit smoothies, creating an indulgent creamy liqueur or recovering body in a reduced calorie beverage, the possibilities of stabilizers and texturizers are truly amazing.

At CP Kelco, innovation is key. Using groundbreaking methods like microbial fermentation, extraction from land and sea plants, and modification of cellulose-based raw materials, we’re changing the way polysaccharides are produced. And we’ve created quite a portfolio. CPKelco’s vast assortment of ingredients can take the most challenging – and creative – beverage prototypes from the lab to the shopping cart.乱人伦视频中文字幕在线观看 乱人伦视频中文字幕无删减 ,WWW LOLHENTAI NET在线观看 WWW LOLHENTAI NET无删减 琪 ,罗马帝国艳情史在线观看 罗马帝国艳情史无删减 琪琪看片网

But for all the time we spend inside the lab, our ingredients are quite comfortable in the great outdoors. Which makes sense, since each product is derived from nature-based, renewable raw materials with minimal modification. Thanks to rheology control, these products can be used for thickening, suspension, stabilization and even gelation.

Rheology control has become a popular topic among developers. The amount of commercially available modifiers can be overwhelming, to say the least. So which rheology modifier is the right one for your product? A few factors should be considered, like the desired flow behavior or texture, the required shelf-life, the production equipment available, compatibility with other ingredients, and product end-use characteristics. It may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for.

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Juice & Juice Drinks

Enhance body and mouthfeel of juices and fruit juices in low concentration, delivering that full-juice feel that consumers crave.

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Dairy Alternative & Plant-Based Beverages

Add creaminess, enhance suspension, or create a more enjoyable mouthfeel in alternative milk products.

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